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Current Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Foundation
and Developments in Progress

We strive to listen, understand and create options to meet your synergistic needs for wellness.  We are continuously researching and conducting surveys to keep our finger on the pulse of current developments and your needs and interests.  We strive to learn more about your interests and focus on updating our existing programs and future developments

Your membership offers you immediate access to a plethora of established resources and publications at your fingertips.  We offer you a clear focused logical stair-step approach to motivating, empowering, and achieving personal potential for wellness in all dimensions and aspects of life.

Dancing Kids

Voltage for future generations!

Our Mission is to equip and support the leaders of tomorrow to get well, be well, and thrive.

  • We believe everybody needs voltage, the knowledge to make informed choices, and the freedom to make healthier decisions.
  • This begins by cultivating mature interdependent relationships to achieve synergistically what we would not be able to fully achieve alone.
  • Love is the foundation upon which these trusting relationships are built, and therefore love is the legacy we commit to now and pay forward for future generations.

"To be healthy and happy in life, find someone and love them well.  For the greatest healing power is love." - Dr. Jerry Tennant

Your Mission is Our Mission and Your Voltage is Our Voltage!

  • Dr. Jerry Tennant's books regarding "Healing is Voltage" provide more than a concept or theory, they include wellness lifestyles that apply to people of all ages and stages of life. We promote that Love is Voltage beginning with self-care.
  • Our mission is to support this Voltage Lifestyle with a special focus on the needs of youth; providing them with resources and tools for their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health within the reach of their own hands.
  • Here's where you fit in: The youth look to us, as adults, for this leadership. They observe how we make healthy choices with our finances, how we care for our physical bodies, and how we love one another in our relationships.
  • Parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders, and any person that desires to positively affect the lives of youth can do so by being examples of this Voltage Lifestyle. Therefore, we offer coaching and other resources to support adults as well.
  • Additionally, we provide mentorship opportunities to pass on this wisdom, love, and learning forward to leave your own legacy.

Every Person Plays a Vital Role in this Mission. Together, Wellness is Within our Reach!

Dr. Jerry Tennant MD is Recognized as a Renaissance Man…

We appreciate him as a dedicated compassionate truth seeker, truth speaker, inventor, healer, scholar, and humanitarian.  These qualities are just a glimpse of the leader who has synergistically brought together other colleagues who embrace his approach to wellness.

Dr. Tennant recognizes and teaches how the body requires voltage for healing. He combines ancient wisdom with scientific technology to empower individuals with options.  He begins with how voltage is needed for creating healthy new cells to replace diseased and worn-out cells.

He also identified the toxins and barriers that need to be eliminated. He leads the movement to create theHealing is Voltage paradigm. Truth Seekers from around the world travel to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine and Senergy Medical Group to seek out and benefit from his therapeutic expertise.

Dr. Tennant and Scott Tennant unite us on the journey to finding answers and invite all to Live, Love, Learn, and Leave a Legacy.


Everybody Needs the Same Elements to Create New Healthy Cells and
Develop from Dependent to Independent to Interdependent Maturity

Where are you on your Journey to Wellness?

Click on the Tree Below Representing the Lifestyle Aspect that Interests You. These are topics covered in the chapters within the book, Care for the Caregiver: My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage

Meet Our Founding Board of Directors


Scott Tennant
Meet Scott

CEO Senergy Medical Group


Tonya Waite
Meet Tonya

Author and Director ESTEEM


AJ Beaber
Meet AJ

Author and Founder
Ignite the Light


Dr. Steve Evans DDS
Meet the Evans

Barbara Evans

Foundation Executive Director

Current & Future Developments Under Construction

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Immediate Access to Voltage Kids

Please Click on the Cover of this Book to Access our Full Color Picture Book Including Activities Coloring Book with
Healthier Options for Ages 3 and Above to Enjoy Exploring Healthier Habits for Creating Healthy Voltage with Family and Friends


Immediate Access to

Through the Eyes of a Child

Please Click on the Cover of this Book to Access Our Invitation to Meet Faith As She Learns Wisdom from Family, Teachers, Friends and Neighbors about Developing a Balanced Lifestyle.  This is also an Invitation to Write Your Own Story for Ages 10 and Above.  Including QR Code Links to Videos of Youth Coaching Youth.

Care for the Caregiver:
My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage

A Collection of Dr. Tennant's Teachings and Interviews with Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers Discussing Significant Wellness Protocols for Achieving A Balanced Lifestyle.  The Interviews are Designed to Connect Heart to Heart.  Including QR Code Links to Videos of Individual's and Professional's Experiences.  Including Hundreds of Resources and References for the More Intellectually and Scientifically minded

Access to this publication and the QRCode Links require member agreement activation.  Please see the "Join Now" button to processes your membership and obtain your exclusive password.

Future Plans for Additional Spheres of Influence in Development:

Surveying Membership Preferences Regarding Topics for Periodic Blogs, Newsletters, and "Ask the Expert" Participation.

Professional Coaching for Doctors and Dentists initially with Dr. Will Beaber, DDS and Steve Evans, DDS to create coordinated patient care coaching and open invitations to additional like-minded doctors we have identified such as; Dr. Smithson MD, Dr. Faldmo DC, Dr. Harshfield MD, Dr. Gerber MD, Dr. Ken Kelly MD, and dentists such as Dr. Nick Meyer DDS, and Al A. Fallah DDS, to name a few.

If you have additional doctors who have gained your respect and confidence, we would like to invite them to also participate with this mission.

Financial Wellness During Unhealthy Economies coaching with Dr. Will Beaber and Scott Tennant as well as other professional coaches.

Creative Art Therapy coaching with artists such as: Ruth Esther Krywenko and Elaine Winburne

Journaling and How to Plan and Write Your Own Story coaching with Darlene Shortridge and Daniel J. Mawhinney