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Through the Eyes of a Child

This is an invitation to encourage others to keep a journal and write their own story (from the trusting eyes of a child) recognizing we are all children of a living, loving, Eternal Parent.  If you think of how you may express yourself through the faithful, hopeful eyes of a child (filled with anticipation for life) you may see a way to pen your story. Every story has a potential value for someone.

Anne Frank had no idea that her diary would someday inspire millions.  It was valuable for her to express her feelings then (as it has been valuable to many of us) to find courage and joy through her eyes, regardless of any conditions.

While Anne was not able to alter her challenges or her future, this is an opportunity to help you determine how you may learn from your circumstances (with a greater understanding of your own values) and how you may create the future you desire through healthier lifestyle choices.

Dedication and Acknowledgment

This book is a story expressed through a child's eyes and is dedicated to Faith's family and her husband Steve.  He leads her family and supports her to be the wife and mother she always dreamed of being for their children Jared, Tamara, Amy, and Jeremy.  He inspired her to learn to love and share with faith.  It is also dedicated to their grandchildren Amber, Amanda, Emily, Dillon, Brandon, Randy, Megan, Gianna, Luca, and Francesca, as well as, great-grandchildren Eleanor, John, and Opal.  Her siblings Norman, Belinda, Patricia, Michael, Elizabeth, Ruth, John, Pamela, Jim, and Kathy are also recognized for their contributions.  The names on the list of acknowledgments are additional people to whom this book is dedicated.  There are many other faithful families who are appreciated for their loving support identified through the ways they exemplified faith, hope, and charity.

This endeavor also acknowledges the many individuals who came together with a mutual mission throughout the generations and shared their experiences to help us along our journey.  This is a Living Legacy of Love and will continue as we keep receiving new enlightenment.  Dr. Tennant is the primary leader who first opened his heart (and shared his personal story of recovery) inspiring many to open their hearts and minds.  He led us through his research and example. His son, Scott Tennant synergistically brought us together to share our stories to enlighten and empower others to achieve their potential.

The information in this book is a story of one person's approach to finding faith. It is not intended to provide counseling, medical advice, diagnose or treat any condition that you or loved one may be suffering.  It is a book designed to inspire and provide integrative options for a healthier soul, mind, and body lifestyle; including non-drug, at-home, self-care.  We encourage all to explore and coordinate care (seeking qualified examination and diagnosis regarding medical/dental/emotional care) provided by a licensed and appropriate health professional.

We do not encourage anyone with chronic conditions or chronic pain to overlook symptoms and attempt to treat yourself, your child, or anyone else without proper medical/dental/emotional supervision.  We feel that this book and the videos of inspiration and instructional ideas are written under the inspiration of God (as our maker) and as we obey the letter of the law, we are also accountable for the spirit of the law to "do no harm". We desire to help empower others to enjoy the journey as they accept responsibility for their health through developing faith, hope, and charity.



Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.D.
Scott Tennant
AJ Beaber
Dale Behan
Linda Behan
Michael Cole
Tamara Cole
Camilla Crone, Ph.D.
Craig Davies, DC, Ph.D.
Andria Davies
Vicki Dietz
Steve Evans, DDS
Estelle Foster
Isaac French
Jessica Garen M.Ed.
Dee Dee Glasgow
Jeff Hill
Amber Huston
Cory Melton
Elizabeth Midgley

Jody Malouf
Ron Malouf
Daniel Mawhinney
Scott Neely
Amy Picchiottino
Matt Picchiottino
Beth Powell, Ph.D.
Sage Robbins
Patsy Scott, CHN
Linda Sherman
Darlene Shortridge
Josh Stewart
Julie Swinney
Kay Swinney
“Boots” Tollinger
Michael Tollinger
Alera Waite
Dallan Waite
Tonya Waite
Lynn Welk

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