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Tamara Bagwell 2

Tamara Bagwell, N.D.
Vice President
Health and Wellness Services
Senergy Medical Group

Tamara has been researching and following Dr. Tennant’s approach to wellness and providing her family and thousands of clients with the tender loving care that is a genuine aspect of her compassionate nature.  Dr. Tennant asked her to speak at his IHC and provide her experience with the practical applications of his BioModulator and BioTransducer devices. Tamara is a dedicated researcher and loves learning. She received her American Naturopathic Medical Degree from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2016. She was originally introduced to Dr. Tennant’s theories and protocols from her own personal health journey with Lupus, Hashimoto’s, and Lyme disease. Since then, she has received 15 years of in-depth training with Dr. Tennant’s devices and protocols.

Tamara’s passion and dedication to Dr. Tennant’s protocols have carried over into her personal life, as well.  She has utilized all Dr. Tennant’s protocols, supplements, and devices to treat her family’s health issues from earaches to broken bones, including treating her grandchildren.