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Susan Shaffer 2

Susan K. Shaffer
Co-Founder and President
Pneuma Nitric Oxide, LLC

Susan radiates an inner beauty that confirms and empowers others to apply Dr. Tennant’s lifestyle legacy lessons in wellness that reflects on her outer countenance. Her gentle confidence is inspiring and encourages others to apply nitric oxide to our skin in order to feed the largest organ in our body.  Susan has been studying and applying the ancient healing modalities of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for many years. She has the personable and professional qualities that help others also find answers to assist them on their wellness journey.  Susan is tireless in her determination to share the truths she has found to be universally applicable.

The Pneuma Nitric Oxide, LLC mission was established to commercialize scientifically-proven, nitric-oxide-based technologies for use in skincare.  Their mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry through the development of products that produce and restore nitric oxide production in and on the human body, connecting beauty to wellness.

Because of toxic exposures and dietary choices, many individuals experience various skin disorders and blemishes that undermine their confidence and feelings of self-esteem.  Susan has an ability to help others feel good about themselves and invest in their whole-body wellness.

Susan Shaffer has over 30 years of corporate experience and a vast network of industry associations. Her unique brand of strategic business acumen, relationship, and management skills has helped high-profile companies like Lancome, Dell, 3COMM, and HumanN.

Dr. Nathan Bryan and Susan Schaffer are the creators of the Pneuma Nitric Oxide Activating Anti-Aging Nitric Oxide Skincare System.