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We use the term "Spheres of Influence" to communicate our mission to provide independent yet interdependent and interconnective effective programs.  These proven programs have influenced many lives to achieve the potential for a well-balanced lifestyle as they focused on specific areas of interest and concerns for overall wellness.

  • We envision not only the "Spheres of Influence" listed currently, we hope to encourage and invite more influential people and programs (we may trust) to enrich and enlarge our educational outreach.
  • Your membership provides access to various "Spheres of Influence" which are independent entities with a mutual mission and heart to serve. Your membership offers you access to a plethora of established resources and publications at your fingertips.
  • You may connect with each entity separately to learn more about their services and products and how to obtain what each has to offer.
  • Each "Sphere of Influence" endeavors to listen, understand and create options to meet your synergistic needs for wellness.
  • We are continually conducting research and surveys to keep our finger on the pulse of your needs and interests to keep our mission aligned with your mission.






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Dr. Steve Evans, DDS


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Senergy Medical Group and the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine are Separate Entities Working Together for Coordinated Care

Interested clients and potential patients may access all details through the two individual websites regarding services and products and or by calling the separate offices:

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Senergy Medical Group led by Scott Tennant and the Tennant Institute led by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD provide in-person, telemedicine, and virtual opportunities for self-assessment, professional assessments, and therapies regarding individual health and healing from the various sources causing pain.

ESTEEM Journey is a Primary Prevention Curriculum for Optimum Health

  • ESTEEM led by Tonya Waite has been active for more than 20 years and immediately accessible to youth, parents or guardians, teachers, church leaders, non-profit organizations, and almost anyone who wants to help or coach young people.
  • The same 12 core risk behaviors and 6 building skills are age-appropriately contained in each level starting with EXCURSION for 10-11 years old, ENVISION for 11-12, EQUIP for 12-13, EXPLORE for 13-14 and EMBARK for 14-17 years old.
  • Each interactive 100-page workbook has 10 lessons which take between 45 minutes and 90 minutes to complete.
  • The ESTEEM series can be scaled for large groups of 100-200, classroom sizes of 25-30, small groups 5-7, or one-on-one relationships such as parent-child or mentor and mentee. Each participant must have their own workbook which is more like a personal journal. Goals, dreams, and plans to go from reactive to proactive are very important to write out in the workbook.
  • Currently, the workbooks are mailed with a leader kit but plans are in the works for workbooks to be fully available online through a subscription. Facilitators complete an all-day leadership training.
  • Young people, who are called Coalition Leaders, can also be trained. They can co-present with an adult until they have completed 25 hours. Then they can facilitate on their own with an adult supervisor in the room. Youth leaders, such as those in high school and college are utilized in middle school and high school classes. Youth leaders can also present in juvenile detention centers, shelters, pregnancy education programs, Boys and Girls clubs, and alike.
  • Schools, non-profits, and faith-based organizations can also sponsor ESTEEM Clubs. These clubs meet a minimum of once a month, have a short leadership lesson then plan and conduct service-learning projects. They brainstorm ideas of things they want to learn then find an organization that needs help in that area and coordinate professionals who act as mentors to help them complete the project.
  • Currently, the workbooks are printed in English but future plans are to print them in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French.

Ignite the Light 

Ignite the Light led by AJ Beaber leads with love and the concepts that: To be healthy and happy in life, find someone and love them well. For the greatest healing power… is love…”  -Dr. Jerry Tennant

  • How to access the Ignite the light program includes linking to the website
  • Sign agreement form for participation
  • Weekly mastermind of three months group coaching including
  • Learn the six core levels of intimacy in relationships
  • Understand the stages of relationship development: Moving from Dependent to Independent to Interdependent maturity.
  • Apply the principles of polarity to ignite passion and desire
  • Master the dynamics of giving and receiving in intimate relationships
  • Receive tools to monitor this trusting and loving relationship for a lifetime
  • Co-create in abundance and leave a legacy of love.

Spheres of Influence