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Scott Tennant

Scott Tennant is the CEO and Founder of Senergy Medical Group, a holistic wellness company, and the exclusive distributor of the state-of-the-art Tennant BioModulator® devices.  From a young age, Scott had an interest in whole-body wellness and Eastern medicinal practices.  It wasn’t until his father, Dr. Jerry Tennant, fell gravely ill and was not given much hope (according to all his Western medicine doctors), that they decided to incorporate the integrative medicine approach to effectively achieve whole-body wellness.

Scott personifies the energy in Senergy as he has devoted and invested his time and skills unselfishly and unceremoniously.  He created the Senergy name to represent the synergistic comprehensiveness of achieving a wellness lifestyle. He penned the words “Get Well, Be Well and Live Well®”. Scott said the first thing he thought was the trilogy of past, present, and future.

He based the idea on a question people often ask, “I want to get well”, so there was number one. Another question we are asked is, “I want to be well and I want to live well”, so really it’s the past, present, and future. The past was, “I was sick, I want to be well now and I want to live well in the future”. His vision and leadership has created a worldwide educational outreach and ability to “Deliver Better Health”.

In 1999, Scott Tennant formally created the concept and established Senergy Medical Group.  He selected the name Senergy which also implies the value of synergistic relationships.  He designed the logo of two hands holding a symbol of energy, based upon the vision inspired by his father’s synergistic approach to integrative whole-body wellness.  He desired to place this energy (Voltage) into the hands of those seeking self-care.  He named the company to embody the comprehensive approach to listening to and responding to the needs expressed by healthcare practitioners, their patients, and the many clients searching for more effective answers to resolving chronic pain and debilitating conditions.

Scott envisioned a future to enlarge the body of knowledge, disseminate his father’s research, and develop what was to become the Tennant BioModulator® and BioTransducer®.  He formed the Senergy Team, composed of health and wellness advocates dedicated to a mutual mission.  He recognized practitioners looking for integrative, holistic medical solutions that were non-drug, effective, and easy to administer. Together he and his father envisioned and created Integrative Health Conferences including additional experts that validate and reinforce the healthier lifestyle.

Scott provided the Senergy mission statement with the challenge that each Senergy staff member and Educator create personal mission statements to identify their purpose in life and also aligned with the Senergy professional mission statement. He reminds us that we all have an opportunity and accountability for living, loving, learning, and leaving our Legacy.  We have a sacred personal Mission that becomes more relevant with each new day. We have the light of truth to illuminate the wellness journey to help each person we encounter and we all shine as we strive to bring out the best in each other. His personal work ethic is “If it is to be it is up to me and through Senergy we come together to listen and create solutions delivering health as our real wealth.

Scott attributes many of his ethics to his parent's and grandparents' influences as well as his immersion into the Tony Robbins personal and professional development opportunities.  He stated that Tony is amazingly humble yet powerful with his messages. Reminding business leaders (in essence) that “Today is about loving your client more than your product. To love them is to know them. To know them is to ask them what they need. To respect them is to listen to them and respond to them and meet their needs authentically. Ask: Who is your ideal client? What are their needs? Be able to describe your ideal client/business/ healthy relationship. Offer them an irresistible offer. Over-deliver and make it more irresistible. Create trusting relationships. Make it a personal mission to serve and meet the need. Focus on how we deliver health and happiness opportunities.

Tony Robbins shared several examples of multi-billionaires who began with nothing and often during chaotic uncertain times.  Scott is striving to apply the significant teaching and learning opportunities from his many mentors.  He is achieving even greater “listening” through the survey process to really demonstrate integrity and desire to create trusting relationships by asking, listening, and creating innovative ways to meet the need and deliver what is valuable to the client.  Scott is providing his years of experience and professional development with Tony Robbins for many other doctors and dentists and health care providers who seek to replicate the Tennant protocols in their practices.

"I have known Scott Tennant since 2002 when we brought our daughter to Dr. Tennant’s clinic for the first time. That trip and the many following have changed our lives for the better.  Scott was always there quietly working in the background. His tenacity and business acumen have been amazing. I found him to be honest and open about everything. After learning about the BioModulator and all the technology involved in that I wanted to share it with my very large family. Scott encouraged me to become an Educator for Senergy. I have enjoyed working with him now for almost 20 years. I consider him a dear friend and a trusted colleague. He is generous and full of integrity. He is a tireless worker and has made Senergy what it is. It’s hard to find those qualities these days". -Lynn Ferrin

“I’ve been a practicing dentist for over 40 years. I, like most people, had chronic ailments that I thought were just things one had to live with. These included sleeping issues, fatigue, sinus issues, pain from injuries, constipation, and the worst being myofascial pain with accompanying trigger points in muscles. It was not until I developed arthritis in my right hand and a severe autoimmune disease that I began my search in earnest for a cure.  Traditional medicine could only treat symptoms.

I tried many things and all with limited success. When I discovered Dr. Tennant while surfing the internet, I knew that I had caught lightning in a bottle. I listened to all the videos I could find and schedule an appointment. It’s been a year now and the improvements have been incredible. I would have never dreamed it possible to feel this great. All my ailments have melted away. I continue to improve even now. If you are looking to become as healthy as possible or are having health issues, you need what Dr. Tennant has put together. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Tennant and his work David Brewer DDS

"Thank you for another amazing opportunity to learn during the Tennant Integrative Health Conference.  I see so many ways to apply the therapies every day with my family."  A. and W. Beaber

“Make success inevitable. Conceive it. Believe it. Receive it.”

Scott Tennant