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As a Member of the Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Nonprofit Foundation 

We look forward to learning and working together to help as many people as possible achieve their potential for wellness. Your membership contribution is designated for maintaining the technical infrastructure for this forum to provide a voice and a choice for Truth Seekers. Please take a tour through our website and enjoy the journey with us. As a member you will have immediate access to the publications and the resource links.

Your donation includes; funding research and providing dissemination of health related information regarding the various aspects of a wellness lifestyle, printing and promoting of the hard copy books, as well as; ongoing efforts to expand awareness of Dr. Tennant’s and all the other Truth Speaker’s vital knowledge and wisdom.

We strive to listen, understand and create options to meet your synergistic needs for wellness. We are continually conducting surveys to keep our finger on the pulse of your needs and interests in order to keep our mission aligned with your mission.

You have direct access to the current and future “Spheres of Influence” who are independent entities with a mutual mission and heart to serve the needs of our membership.

Your membership offers you additional access to a plethora of established resources and publications. These valuable resources are located within the eBook publications, simply by scanning over the QR Codes. Please select the Publications tab and enter your password after selecting the book of your choice.

We strive to provide a clear focused logical stair-step approach to motivating, empowering and achieving personal potential for wellness.  We explore and provide options in all dimensions and aspect for a well balanced and enjoyable ride down the road of life.

Please also feel welcome to identify others whom you believe will benefit from our membership and invite them to access the Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy website and join.  Call Barbara Evans at 817-939-8188 or send an email to with any questions.