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Leo Szymborski 2

Leo Szymborski
President/Founder pH Prescription "Water Doctors Recommend"

Dr. Tennant invited Leo to speak at his conferences regarding the vital importance of hydration.  Leo has been contributing healthier water for our conferences for more than 15 years.  His dedication flows very deep.

Leo is Co-Owner DermaShower™, Aquapellis™, and H2True™. Leo Szymborski has 35+ years of experience in the water filtration and purification industry designing and developing innovative proprietary water treatment systems. Endorsed by leading medical and wellness experts, these systems include customized commercial and residential filtration systems that remove toxic chemicals, specialized filters for medical kidney dialysis machines, and sea-water desalination systems.

In 2003, Leo developed a serious health issue that was not improved by traditional medical practices. He sought a solution to recover his health by drawing on his previous success developing equipment that effectively removed harmful contaminants from water.  His quest was to create the ideal system to produce pure, healthy contaminant-free water that is both safe and affordable—encouraging the ideal environment for the body to heal itself.

In 2007, Leo learned about the concept of adding electrons to water to elevate water’s properties to be antioxidant through the conventional method of electrical ionization. He tested this new ‘water’ and was impressed with the results. However, this traditional method did not remove the harmful contaminants and toxins such as fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, arsenic, nitrates, radiation, and more.

Drawing upon his roots of successful filtration methods, Leo created a filtration system that combines rare earth minerals to produce water that is naturally mineralized, as well as antioxidant and hydrogen rich—without using electricity and without harmful contaminants and toxins.  This amazing technology elevates the simple and often taken-for-granted water molecule, H20, galvanizing its properties to become an antioxidant itself—all without harmful contaminants.

This new technology worked so well for Leo’s health issues he knew in his heart he had to share this discovery so others could have the same health benefits. This led him to launch pH Prescription ™ in 2008. He says, “My personal mission is to keep developing new technology that makes safe, clean, healthy water for all.”