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Invitation to Join the Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Nonprofit Membership

Love Yourself and Others Well

Thank you for your investments in your wellness and desire to learn more about energy (voltage) and the essential elements that create healthy cells and systems.

Love provides the most powerful healing voltage and frequencies.  When we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, the global ripple effect of harmony is empowering and all encompassing. When you join our Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy mission we are able to create more avenues to reach and teach how to navigate life's pathways.  Sharing light, love and truth helps us create trusting relationships and hope.

Health is the Real Wealth and Worth Our Investment

We listened and heard the need for a forum where you may have a voice and a choice. We have learned that we need each other to create synergistic solutions.

Invite your Family and Friends to Join us 

The Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Nonprofit membership was created in honor of Dr. Tennant and his son Scott Tennant.  This organization unites us through “Spheres of Influence” to find answers, discover the voltage lifestyle and invites you to live, love, learn and create your own legacy to Get Well, Be well, and Live Well. 

Each of the Spheres of Influence provide self-paced applications for any maturity level based upon your current needs.  Our Spheres of Influence mutual goal is for you to begin where you are now and achieve self-awareness and your Pinnacle of Potential.

Recognizing everyone has strengths and weaknesses, we encourage self-development to improve your results for energy (voltage)We appreciate that everyone is on a unique wellness journey and want to enjoy the rideWe understand, to keep our balance, we need to keep moving.  Voltage keeps us moving.

The mission for creating the Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy was born out of love and respect for Dr. Tennant and his dedication to research and teaching. Our mission to create these Legacy projects (including the Nonprofit membership, publications and documentary) includes the vision of how each member has a legacy and synergistically we create a healthier happier world.

We are offering a forum where Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers all have the Freedom to discuss openly!  We want to demonstrate that the principles and practices of each of our Spheres of Influence” align with basic truths which are appropriate for all age groups. Collectively, we bring together ancient wisdom for all areas of life, including relevant, highly effective resources and proven outcomes.

We invite you to join us now and embrace the vision of our mission for individual progression for reaching and teaching how anyone may mature from dependency to independency to interdependency regardless of their current circumstances.  As a member, you may connect immediately with these various coaching and publications resources available by linking on their website.

Your membership offers you access to a plethora of established resources and publications at your fingertips. Health is within your reach and may be in your hands.We strive to listen, understand and create options to meet your synergistic needs for wellness”.  We are developing additional topics (and engagement with blogs, newsletters, “Ask the Expert” and a documentary).  These topics will be gleaned from the surveys we are conducting to determine the needs we seek to meet.

Many youth of today are frustrated with our global condition.  We are committed to helping as many people as possible, especially, our youth, restore their faith in healthier loving choices and gain hope for their futures.

Spheres of Influence Resources for Individuals, Health Care Providers, Youth, Parents, Counselors, Teachers, Educators, and Faith Based Organizations. 

We offer a plan to synergistically bring together proven principles and practices preparing youth for creating hope and a significant destiny. We created our nonprofit membership connecting you to the “Spheres of Influence” and other valuable links leading to your ability to create better balance for your journey. All of which lead to a Summit of Significance!!!You may connect directly (by clicking on the websites) with “Spheres of Influence” including:

We seek your active participation in this call to action for an even more expansive global membership of Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers. We are inspired to seek more efficient and effective ways to assist more souls on their path.

Our wellness journey has developed over the past 27 years. Yet, Dr. Tennant has traveled this road for many more decades ahead of us carrying a torch of truth, blazing a trail and building bridges of understanding to help our journey become more satisfying and a significant legacy.

Suggested annual membership fee: $100 US.  We offer scholarships upon request and accept donations of any amount you choose to invest in this mission. 

Please feel welcome to call Barbara Evans at 817-939-8188 with any questions.