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For Youth

ESTEEM Journey

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ESTEEM Can Be Accessed by Parents and
All Who Want to Help or Coach Youth

What is the Success Sequence?

If youth adopt these behaviors, in sequence, as a millennial, they risk only a 3% chance of living in poverty as adults:
Work full-time
Marry before having children

Why choose ESTEEM... as your child(s) or student(s) character development, adolescent safety, and sexual risk avoidance curriculum?

Because ESTEEM helps to improve student awareness of and tendency toward making healthy decisions. The more teens are aware of dangers and consequences of risky behaviors, the more prepared they will be to avoid such situations. Removing distractions will help them focus on their positive life goals and building a foundation for their future family.

The topics covered below increase in appropriate maturity levels for those 10 to 18 years old.

Lesson 1: Goal setting for improved academic outcomes / Career planning
Lesson 2: How to navigate positive and negative media influences
Lesson 3: Puberty and human development / True cost of teen pregnancy / Understanding Fatherhood
Lesson 4: Explanation of the major STDs / Benefits of waiting / Character counts
Lesson 5: Legal consequences of cyberbullying, sexting, human trafficking / Child support / Family & criminal laws
Lesson 6: Dangers of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use / Brain development
Lesson 7: Peer pressure and refusal skills / Bullying / Depression, suicide, and self-harm
Lesson 8: Communication skills / Problem solving steps / Increasing emotional intelligence / Time-out steps
Lesson 9: Real friendships / Gangs and cliques / Dating standards / Breaking-up right / renewed abstinence / Abusive relationships
Lesson 10: Reviewing goals / Self-discipline / Having a growth mindset / True love, commitment, and healthy marriage

The same 12 core risk behaviors and 6 building skills are age appropriately contained in each level.
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For 10-11 years old

For 11-12 years old

For 12-13 years old

For 13-14 years old

For 14-17 years old

Each interactive 100 page workbook has 10 lessons which take between 45 min and 90 min to complete.

Through the Eyes of a Child

A downloadable eBook and guidelines for creating a personal journal

Click on the book cover for self-reflective questions

Youth are encouraged to keep a journal and become the hero of their own Legacy (story)

"Most everyone expresses a feeling related to unmet needs of their inner child.  Keeping a journal and writing our personal history is a way to identify, resolve and fill in the missing gaps.  Learning to love, respect and nurture the child within is an empowering way to move forward and mature through dependent, to independent to interdependent relationships and phases of life."   

Through the Eyes of a Child is the story of Faith and her journey of learning from wise role models how to find gratitude, purpose, abundance and joy.  This book is an invitation to encourage youth 10 years and older to keep a journal and write their own story.  If you think of how you may express yourself though the faithful, hopeful eyes of a child (filled with anticipation for life) you may see a way to pen your story.  Everyone's story has potential value for someone.  This book provides step-by-step choices for a daily routine as taught by Dr. Jerry Tennant.  Additionally, there are self-reflective questions to help you interview yourself and write your legacy.

Anne Frank likely had no idea that her diary would someday inspire millions. It was valuable for her to express her feelings then (as it has been valuable for many of us) to find courage and joy through her eyes, regardless of any conditions or circumstances.

While Ann was not able to alter her challenges or her future, her story and Faith's story may be an opportunity to help you determine how you may also learn from your circumstances.  As you write down your thoughts (with greater understanding of your own values) you may see how you may create each moment to fulfill your legacy through healthier lifestyle choices.

This endeavor acknowledges the many individuals who came together with a mutual mission throughout the generations and shared their experiences to help us along our journey.  Dr. Tennant is the primary "Truth Speaker" who opened his heart (and shared his personal story of recovery) and inspired this book. He has encouraged many "Truth Seekers" to open their hearts and minds to find answers.  His son Scott Tennant synergistically brought us together to share our stories to enlighten and empower others to achieve their potential for wellness and thrive.