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Dr. Stephen R. Evans DDS is a general dentist in East Texas serving patients who travel from far away places to seek his comprehensive services including minimally invasive and thorough oral and periodontal surgeries (i.e. Pinhole Surgery and Tunneling Techniques, Hard and Soft Tissue Laser Therapy, Platelet Rich Fibrin, Autologous Growth Factors, Ozone Therapy), Non-metal Zirconium Implants, Orthodontics, Orthopedics, Functional and Facial Aesthetics as a primary consideration along with Airway and Postural Function. He practices the SMART mercury amalgam removal technique. He has a 3D Cone Beam Technology with the highest resolution and lowest radiation exposure along with a thorough medical, dental, nutritional chronological history evaluation. He listens to his patients and the referring doctors and enjoys coordinated patient care with referring health care providers.

Dr. Evans has been described by his patients and colleagues as personable, kind, gentle, and artistic as well as; professional, exacting, thorough, and a meticulous researcher, scientist, inventor, teacher, dental pioneer, and surgeon. He is the descendant of a “noble” line of medical doctors (Thomas Benjamin Noble I, II, III, and IV) who bestowed him with caregiver qualities and examples with their patients and family members. He is dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of dentistry and nutrition. Dr. Steve Evans is appreciated for his personal and professional listening skills and the ability to respond with compassion.

Dr. Evans has been providing families with a healthier gentle dental approach since 1985.  He values and coordinates patient care with medical and dental colleagues who refer patients to him.  He respects all who seek his advice and works to develop trusting relationships.  He often serves second and third generations of his patients who have been with him since the beginning of his practice.  Many patients travel long distances from around the world seeking specialized dental care.

"After prayer, I realized I needed to do my part and correct a dental infection from a failed root canal. I owe the 100% pain relief and quality of my life to Dr. Evans" - B. Degen

Barbara Evans is married to Dr. Steve Evans and together they have a mission to serve and provide options to assist others suffering in pain and/or seeking answers for a healthier lifestyle. Both are dedicated to the opportunity everyone has to create a living lifestyle legacy. The following are comments regarding Barbara Evans’ experience:

  • Author of national reports, publications, manuals, books, and grant proposals.
  • Executive Director of Student Employment Programs including paid internships.
  • Guest Speaker at numerous large international conferences and smaller seminars during her 27-year career in higher education administration.
  • Currently Vice President of Education for Senergy Medical Group since 1998

”Barbara It was such a great seminar. Thank you for sharing your light and love of Jesus with us all. Your presence is full of God's light and his love. Definitely high voltage. You are kind, loving, and unselfish. Your energy is contagious and your ever-positive perspective is flawless. Thank you again for sharing it with us."
- C. Hovitz

President Ronald Reagan:
“One of the most important steps a young person makes is the transition from school to work. To make this transition smoothly students need more than a good academic education. Young men and women entering today’s highly competitive rapidly changing and increasingly technological job market need relevant work skills. I salute your organization and its members for their dedicated efforts which benefit not only students but also their schools, employers, communities, and the entire nation”.

W. H. Nedderman, President of the University of Texas at Arlington:
“Barbara was selected by her peers for Outstanding Employee of the Year for her exceptional contributions and dedication to her profession and UTA. She has served as a consultant to a variety of organizations related to employment issues. Barbara has committed her personal resources to assist students to achieve their educational goals; help students get on their feet and find a job so that they can go to school. She shows a dedication to her job such as I have rarely seen”.

A. Burl Henderson, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Computing and Information Technology The University of Texas at Arlington:
“I met Barbra on my first official day in my current position with the University of Texas at Arlington. During our first meeting, she described to me the work that she was doing that was funded by the governor of Texas. She described her vision for a computerized system by which job seekers would match their personal qualifications to job skills requirements and be matched to potential employers on a skills basis.

Her vision was more encompassing than is possible to describe here. She told me that she needed technical assistance with her project and asked me to help her with this development.  I have agreed and have been an active adviser to her projects since that time. Her vision resulted in a system that was co-developed by her software partner and which they recently sold to the state of Ohio for $20 million dollars.

She is very intelligent and has the capability to envision projects and outcomes that are truly revolutionary. Not only does she have an exceptional vision, but she has enormous energy and initiative to take whatever steps are necessary to raise funds, organize the team, and then make a dream into a reality.
In addition to being bright and energetic, she’s extremely personable. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She has the ability to excite her colleagues into enthusiastic cooperation. She works tirelessly and is not easily discouraged. She always sees the opportunity that resides in adversity.

Ethically, she is beyond reproach. She is masterful at organization. She is a wonderful writer as evidenced by her success rate in writing grant applications that are funded at unusually high rates. She is an engaging public speaker who is not intimidated by massive audiences or politically powerful individuals. She relates well to a wide variety of groups. I have seen her working equally well with high-level executives and at-risk school students. One of the most impressive aspects of working with Barbara is the uncanny ability that she has of gaining cooperation from a very diverse group of people to join together to achieve a common goal. For all of these reasons and many more too numerous to list, I recommend Barbara to you without reservation. She will rapidly become a valuable asset to any organization.