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Meet Our Directors

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Scott Tennant
CEO Senergy Medical Group

Tonya Waite
Author and Director ESTEEM

AJ Beaber
Author and Founder
Ignite the Light

Dr. Steve Evans DDS
Barbara Evans
Foundation Executive Director

Our Founding Board of Directors

Board Members

Please Welcome
Our Most Recent Board of Directors

Ajay K. Gupta
Chief of Investment Strategy
Board of Directors at Creative Planning, Inc

Nathan S. Bryan, Ph. D.
Functional Nitric Oxide Nutrition

Leo Szymborski
pH Prescription "Water Doctors Recommend"

Susan K. Shaffer
Co-Founder and President
Pneuma Nitric Oxide, LLC

Tamara Bagwell, N.D.
Vice President
Health and Wellness Services
Senergy Medical Group

Sheila Lewis Ealey, Ed.D.
Founder/ Former Director
Creative Learning Center of Louisiana