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Developments in Progress

We strive to listen, understand and create options to meet your synergistic needs for wellness.

We are continuously researching and conducting surveys to keep our finger on the pulse of current developments and your needs and interests.  We strive to learn more about your interests and focus for updating our existing programs and future developments

Your membership offers you immediate access to a plethora of established resources and publications at your fingertips.

We offer you a clear focused logical stair-step approach to motivating, empowering and achieving personal potential for wellness in all dimensions and aspects of life.

Future Plans for Additional Spheres of Influence in Development:

Professional Coaching for Doctors and Dentists initially with Dr. Will Beaber DDS and Steve Evans DDS to create coordinated patient care coaching and open invitations to additional like-minded doctors we have identified such as; Dr. Smithson MD, Dr. Faldmo, DC, Dr. Harshfield MD Dr. Gerber MD, Dr. Ken Kelly MD and dentists such as Dr. Nick Meyer DDS, and Al A. Fallah, DDS, to name a few.

If you have additional doctors who have gained your respect and confidence, we would like to invite them to also participate with this mission.

Financial Wellness During Unhealthy Economies coaching with Dr. Will Beaber and Scott Tennant as well as other professional coaches associated with Tony Robbins Team.

Creative Art Therapy coaching with artists such as: Ruth Esther Krywenko and Elaine Winburne

Journaling and How to Plan and Write Your Own Story coaching with Darlene Shortridge and Daniel J. Mawhinney

Tony Robbins Full Immersion Personal and Professional Development such as; Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Business Mastery, Master Mind  and Global Youth Leadership Summit coaching and etc.

GYLS Virtual 2021 will take place July 16th to 19th. Applications are now open. Apply before March 31st for a special early bird discounted program fee.