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Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Publications


You are invited to join the Voltage Kids journey through a series of books written for children ages 3 and above.  These books were created for kids and adults to enjoy interactive discussions and fun activities about how to make healthy choices influenced by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD and his lifestyle principles and practices.

The story is about twins, Noah and Noelle Noble who were born filled with vivacious Voltage (energy). Their exuberance and effervescence begin to wear out the adults around them.  As a result, the kids are given the typical things some adults give children to appease them, including medications that make them tired and act like zombies.

The Voltage Kids parents learn about Dr. Tennant and the effective ways Voltage helps their family recapture and create a healthier lifestyle to achieve their potential for wellness.  They choose to become a superhero Voltage family and encourage others in their community to also enjoy healthier choices and create balanced lifestyles.

Through the Eyes of a Child is the story of Faith and her journey of learning from wise role models how to find gratitude, purpose, abundance, and joy.  This book is an invitation to encourage others to keep a journal and write their own story (from the trusting eyes of a child's perspective).  If you think of how you may express yourself through the faithful, hopeful eyes of a child (filled with anticipation for life) you may see a way to pen your story.  Everyone's story has potential value for someone.

Anne Frank likely had no idea that her diary would someday inspire millions. It was valuable for her to express her feelings then (as it has been valuable for many of us) to find courage and joy through her eyes, regardless of any conditions or circumstances.

While Ann was not able to alter her challenges or her future, her story and Faith's story may be an opportunity to help you determine how you may also learn from your circumstances.  As you write down your thoughts (with a greater understanding of your own values) you may see how you may create each moment to fulfill your legacy through healthier lifestyle choices.

This endeavor acknowledges the many individuals who came together with a mutual mission throughout the generations and shared their experiences to help us along our journey.  Dr. Tennant is the primary "Truth Speaker" who opened his heart (and shared his personal story of recovery) and inspired this book. He has encouraged many "Truth Seekers" to open their hearts and minds to find answers.  His son Scott Tennant synergistically brought us together to share our stories to enlighten and empower others to achieve their potential for wellness and thrive.

Through the Eyes of a Child Book Cover

Care for the Caregiver:  My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage was developed for educational purposes. Through interviews with Dr. Tennant, his friends, and colleagues we identify as Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers. The questions asked by patients (and results achieved during several decades) have created paradigm shifts in lifestyles.  The concepts in this book (and the available QR Code links) strive to provide insights as to how most anyone may be empowered to "Get Well, Be Well and Live Well".

The Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy message (outlined in this book) is simple yet comprehensively addressed through each chapter pertaining to Voltage. Dr. Tennant and his colleagues teach the various ways we may provide our body with what it needs to create new healthy cells and regenerate tissues, organs, and systems.  We may also learn about how to eliminate the toxins and barriers to the healthy flow of voltage.

This book teaches that we have a choice and a voice as we research and apply ancient wisdom combined with modern innovations. Logic suggests that the ebb and flow of natural laws have harmoniously worked together from the beginning.  It is for each generation to learn and gain the wisdom needed to survive and thrive as conditions change, or as mankind has created adverse conditions.  This is an opportunity to explore your inner space and achieve personal awareness and understanding. It is an opportunity to explore the dimensions and power of love for self-care and the care of others.

If we accept that truth is universal and eternal, we might also see that time is validation for truth. There are many time-honored wise solutions that have worked well for generations.  Some may have been forgotten or pushed aside for convenience or modern medication solutions. Our purpose is to provide individuals with choices for non-drug, at-home self-care at their fingertips and develop trusting relationships with professionals who are available and qualified to provide support.

We also know that there is a time and place for everything and what works for one person might not work for everyone in the same way or same time frame.  The experts interviewed in this book provide basic information through their heart-to-heart interviews and invite you to decide what works best for you.  You may delve deeper into the health-promoting topics by linking on the QR Codes for additional research and resources that are updated as new information becomes available.  You are encouraged to share your experiences for inclusion.

The information is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the sacred relationship between a doctor and patient to make informed decisions regarding one's personal wellness journey.