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Benefits of Non-Distracted, Focused Youth


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Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Professional and Personal Development Through Spheres of Influence Coaching

The consequences of risky behavior are evident, yet motivate many with a desire for making healthier choices and improvements. Rather than curse the darkness we have chosen to light candles and collectively we are illuminating paths. Our coaching partners represent 60 plus years of combined experience which affirms our passionate mission:

Focused Youth Fulfill The Benefits Of A Wellness Lifestyle

  • Establish Personal Responsibility and Goal Setting
  • Engage in Constructive Decision Making
  • Develop Healthy Relationships and a Positive Focus
  • All May Create and Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle Plans For All Ages And Stages Of Life

We choose to focus on the potential benefits of providing healthier lifestyle choices.  We seek to include your candle flame to brighten the journey and reach more souls. Please continue reading about our principled influencers and how we work together to broaden the Spheres of Influence.

Join us as we provide kids, youth, and adults with opportunities to create healthier lifestyles and develop their personal legacy.  Our Spheres of Influence partners are dedicated to creating opportunities for achieving optimal benefits available for all.  Please consider the following:

  • Many books on goal setting refer to a 1953 Yale study, where 3% of the class had written goals and concrete plans, 13% just had written goals, and 84% didn’t have goals at all. Ten years later, the 13% were earning twice as much as the 84%, and the 3% were earning 10x as much income.
  • The nonprofit group, Common Sense Media, reported on the viewing habits of more than 1,400 children nationwide (age 8 and under).  They found that less-affluent youngsters spend nearly three-and-a-half hours daily watching TV and using varied devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and video game players. (A reason to reach more at-risk youth)
  • By comparison, kids in higher-income homes spend just under two hours on such activities. The offspring of better-educated parents also spend less time with media (1 hour, 37 minutes) compared with children of those with less education (2 hours, 50 minutes). (A reason to educate parents) 

ESTEEM Journey Provides Positive Factors to Coach Youth:

  • Goal setting – personal & academic, character development, universal values
  • Media literacy, self-image, digital citizenship, deferred gratification, personal standards, internet safety
  • Self-control, sexual abstinence, intellectual development, puberty, responsibility, love
  • Affection, virtue, monogamy, sexual risk avoidance, respect, motivation, parenthood, sexual cessation
  • Kindness, justice, self-discipline, independence, nurturing, maturity, integrity
  • Positive reward pathways, courage, benefits of perseverance, prefrontal cortex decision making, critical thinking
  • Refusal skills, positive peers, coping skills, boundaries, gratitude lists, emotional needs, stress reduction, confidence, upstander, freedom, hope
  • Proactive, styles of speech, communication steps, problem-solving techniques, emotional needs, de-escalation methods, anger management, humility
  • Loyalty, true friendship, compassion, dating standards, commitment, fidelity, cooperation, intimacy, connection phases, even-tempered, healthy relationships, helpful breakup steps
  • Optimism, growth mindset, healthy marriage qualities, fidelity, priorities, goal reset, devotion, servant leadership

ESTEEM Journey - Coaching recognizes and navigates away from the negative factors that can influence youth.  With appropriate influences, youth have options and skills to overcome:

  • Victim mentality, pessimism, distractions
  • Desensitized, using sexual solicitation apps, using pornography, cyberbully, subliminal messages, violent gaming
  • Early physical development, sexual harassment, experiencing teen pregnancy, infatuation
  • Physical, sexual, emotional abuse, infertility, bacterial and viral diseases, being sexually active
  • Sexual assault, child enticement, sexting, sex trafficking, indecent exposure
  • Binge drinking, vaping, drug use, addictions, overdose, linking drugs to sex, toxicity
  • Bullying, falling for temptations, depression, suicide, self-harm, bystander, teasing
  • Reactive decisions, blaming others, aggressive/passive communication, hostility, low emotional stability, negative role models
  • Jealousy, cliques, gangs, infatuation, hook-up, fake friends, intimidation, rejection, gossip, divorce, manipulation, abusive relationships, date rape
  • Fixed mindset, poverty, exclusive dating, cohabitation, infidelity, relationship obstacles, unhealthy relationships