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Thank you for joining our Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Nonprofit Membership!

We are delighted to work and learn with you and look forward to your full participation.  As a member, you have access to our current membership gifts listed below.   Additionally, you have the opportunity to voice your opinions through surveys regarding future membership advantages, and opportunities.

We are extending invitations to enthusiastic “Principled Influencers” offering a wealth of knowledge and coaching ideas to enhance your wellness journey.  We are preparing periodic surveys to identify resources regarding blog and newsletter topics as well as engaging our proposed “Ask the Expert” discussions with guest speakers.  We enjoy the interaction and opportunity to learn more about you and your needs.

Current Benefits Included with Your Founding First Year Membership:

We created our nonprofit membership connecting you to OUR PARTNERS called “Spheres of Influence” and other valuable links leading to your ability to create better balance for your journey. All of which lead to a Summit of Significance!!!  You may connect directly (by clicking on the websites) with “Spheres of Influence” to access individual coaching, services, products and associated fees, including:


  • Voltage Kids:  Picture E-books and Activities Coloring Books:  Membership includes immediate access to Voltage Kids activities providing thought-provoking questions and potential answers about the sources and value of Voltage and all the lifestyle choices that create healthy new cells.  The series of adventures with the Voltage Kids invites participation for kids of all ages to enjoy exploring healthier habits for creating Healthy Voltage with family and friends. – Valued at $48.00 each


  • ESTEEM Journey Workbook:  For anyone wanting to influence youth to make healthier decisions, choose ONE age-appropriate introductory workbook —Valued at $50.00
  • Through the Eyes of a Child E-book:  Membership includes immediate access to eBook: designed for 10-year-old youth and up to discover how they can make healthier lifestyle choices, write their wellness journey journal and be the hero of their story Legacy—Valued at $20.00


  • Scott Tennant — Senergy Medical Group:  Membership includes one virtual Tennant Integrative Health Conference(IHC). Participation with the IHC is an 18-hour (three days) immersion into Dr. Tennant's and his expert speakers’ approach to Voltage Lifestyle healthier habits. —Valued at $450
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant — Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine:  Membership includes one IHC downloadable workbook Healing is Voltage Basic Coursecomprising of Dr. Tennant's and keynote speakers Voltage Lifestyle principles and practices — Valued at $125
  • AJ Beaber — Ignite the Light:  For women age 18 and over. AJ leads with love and the concepts that: “To be healthy and happy in life, find someone and love them well. For the greatest healing power… is love…”  -Dr. Jerry Tennant.  –Membership includes: One half hour private session and access to one weekly LIVE "Women of The Light" one hour class— Valued at $250
  • Care for the Caregiver:  My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage E-book:  A 335 page collection of Dr. Tennant's teachings and interviews with colleagues and friends who have benefitted from Healing is Voltage.  The experts interviewed in this book provide basic wellness information through their heart-to-heart interviews.  QR Code links provide hundreds of additional videos and resources.   — Valued at $90

For Kids and their Parents/Guardians

Immediate Access to the Voltage Kids - A Picture Book and Activities Coloring Book –Valued at $48.00

Voltage Kids activities provides thought provoking questions and potential answers about the sources and value of Voltage. It invites participation for kids of all ages to enjoy exploring healthier habits for creating Healthy voltage with family and friends.  You are invited to join the Voltage Kids journey though a series of books written for children ages 3 and above.  These books were created for kids and adults to enjoy interactive discussions and fun activities about how to make healthy choices influenced by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD and his lifestyle principles and practices.

The story is about twins, Noah and Noelle Noble who were born filled with vivacious Voltage (energy). Their exuberance and effervescence begin to wear out the adults around them.  As a result, the kids are given the typical things some adults give children to appease them; including medications that make them tired and act like zombies.

The Voltage Kids parents learn about Dr. Tennant and the effective ways Voltage helps their family recapture and create a healthier lifestyle to achieve their potential for wellness.  They choose to become a superhero Voltage Family and encourage others in their community to also enjoy healthier choices and create balanced lifestyles.

For Youth Members

ESTEEM Journey YOUTH PROGRAM - The gift you will receive from the ESTEEM youth program is ONE age-appropriate journal that they can complete on their own or with a parent, coach, mentor, or small group. Additional workbooks for members only are $10 each. Answer manuals are sold separately. The overarching goal of this program is to create an environment that supports teens’ decisions to engage in positive development for their future.

EXCURSION workbooks 10–11-year-old or 5th grade
ENVISION for 11–12-year-old or 6th grade
EQUIP for 12–13-year-old or 7th grade
EXPLORE for 13–14-year-old or 8th grade
EMBARK for 14–18-year-old or high school

Lesson 1: Goal setting for improved academic outcomes / Career planning
Lesson 2: How to navigate positive and negative media influences
Lesson 3: Puberty and human development / True cost of teen pregnancy / Understanding Fatherhood
Lesson 4: Explanation of the major STDs / Benefits of waiting / Character counts
Lesson 5: Legal consequences of cyberbullying, sexting, human trafficking / Child support / Family & criminal laws
Lesson 6: Dangers of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use / Brain development
Lesson 7: Peer pressure and refusal skills / Bullying / Depression, suicide, and self-harm
Lesson 8: Communication skills / Problem solving steps / Increasing emotional intelligence / Time-out steps
Lesson 9: Real friendships / Gangs and cliques / Dating standards / Breaking-up right / renewed abstinence / Abusive relationships
Lesson 10: Reviewing goals / Self-discipline / Having a growth mindset /  True love, commitment, and healthy marriage

ESTEEM helps students learn life-skills that aid in setting goals, assess media influences, increase understanding and awareness of the risks and consequences of sexual activity including teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The program also works to help students understand risky situations to increase their awareness of hazardous distractions, so they may achieve their potential as productive members of their family and society.  To obtain your selected book included with your membership, please complete the form below:

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Gift book level: __ EXCURSION      __ ENVISION      __ EQUIP      __ EXPLORE       __ EMBARK

Additional levels: __ EXCURSION      __ ENVISION      __ EQUIP      __ EXPLORE       __ EMBARK

You may access more details on the website:   ESTEEM

Through the Eyes of a Child is a downloadable eBook included in your membership.  It provides guidelines for creating a personal journal using suggested self-reflective questions to begin the process of self-discovery. Youth are encouraged to keep a journal and become the hero of their own Legacy (story).  Most everyone expresses a feeling related to unmet needs of their inner child.  Keeping a journal and writing our personal history is a way to identify, resolve and fill in the missing gaps.  Learning to love, respect and nurture the child within is an empowering way to move forward and mature through dependent, independent to interdependent relationships and phases of life.

Through the Eyes of a Child is the story of Faith and her journey of learning from wise role models how to find and create gratitude, purpose, abundance and joy.  This book is an invitation to encourage youth 10 years and older to keep a journal and write and become the their own story. Click here to access Through the Eyes of a Child downloadable eBook

For Adult Members

Ignite the Light coaching and resources with AJ Beaber for 18 years and older Ignite the Light
Tennant Lifestyle Legacy Membership Gift includes:
1) One half hour private session with AJ
You can book this private session using this link:
2) Access to one weekly LIVE "Women of the Light" one hour class
Join one of AJ's weekly, LIVE "Women of the Light" one-hour classes to learn more about the principles and practices of Relationship Energetics as taught in, Ignite the Light. Learn how the Voltage Lifestyle applies to polarity and true love in intimate relationships. Classes are held every Wednesday at 11am CST/9am PST/12noon EST.
Click here to reserve your spot

For All Members Regardless of Ages or Stages of Life

Tennant Synergy lifestyle fundamentals coaching, services, products and fees are available through viewing the website links:  Senergy and Tennant Institute

Contact Barbara Evans to register for ONE virtual Tennant Integrative Health Conference participation and downloadable copy of Dr. Tennant's 300 plus pages of Healing is Voltage Basic Course Workbook including all guest speaker slides lead by by Dr. Tennant and sponsored by Senergy Medical Group. Legacy members are invited to participate in a full immersion, wellness-focused, Integrative Health Conference.  Keynote speakers discuss and demonstrate principles and practices regarding:

  • Nutrition to support what the body needs to be healthy
  • The essential elements, technology and therapy that provide voltage to make a new healthy cell
  • The negative effects of low voltage in the body
  • The significant factors that cause the body to lose voltage
  • The dental health connection to wellness
  • The negative impact of dehydration
  • The body’s ability to effectively eliminate toxins
  • The use of essential oils
  • Hands-on practical application with the Tennant BioModulator and BioTransducer®
  • How to correct Polarity
  • How to balance the Craniosacral System
  • How to balance Autonomic Nervous System
  • How to stimulate the Vagus Nerves
  • How to increase voltage in the tissue and acupuncture organ systems

Care for the Caregiver:  My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage is included in your membership and was developed for educational purposes. Through interviews with Dr. Tennant, his friends and colleagues (we identify as Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers) we gain insights about motivation for wellness. The questions asked by patients (and results achieved during several decades) have created paradigm shifts in lifestyles.  The concepts in this book (and the available QR Code links) strives to provide insights as to how most anyone may be empowered to "Get Well, Be Well and Live Well".

The Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy message (outlined in this book) is simple yet comprehensively addressed through each chapter pertaining to Voltage. Dr. Tennant and his colleagues teach the various ways we may provide our body with what it needs to create new healthy cells and regenerate tissues, organs and systems.  We may also learn about how to eliminate the toxins and barriers to the healthy flow of voltage.

This is an opportunity to explore your inner space and achieve personal awareness and understanding. It is an opportunity to explore the dimensions and power of love for self-care and the care of others. The information is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the sacred relationship between a doctor and patient to make informed decisions regarding ones personal wellness journey.  Click here to access Care for the CaregiverMy Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage. As you start to access a restricted area, you will be prompted for a password. The current password is ForMembersOnly!