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Research Confirms The Potential Risks and Consequences Facing Youth Today

Your Voltage Lifestyle Legacy Membership Includes:


  • Voltage Kids Picture E-books and Activities Coloring Books:  Membership includes immediate access to Voltage Kids and Voltage Kids are a Breath of Fresh Air and Learn to Dive Deep with activities providing thought-provoking questions and potential answers about the sources and value of Voltage.  It invites participation for kids of all ages to enjoy exploring healthier habits for creating Healthy Voltage with family and friends. – Valued at $48.00


  • ESTEEM Journey Workbook:  For anyone wanting to influence youth to make healthier decisions, choose ONE age-appropriate introductory workbook —Valued at $50.00
  • Through the Eyes of a Child E-book:  Membership includes immediate access to eBook: designed for 10-year-old youth and up
    to discover how they can make healthier lifestyle choices, write their wellness journey journal and be the hero of their story Legacy—Valued at $20.00


  • Scott Tennant — Senergy Medical Group:  Membership includes ONE virtual Tennant Integrative Health Conference (IHC). Participation with the IHC is an 18-hour (three days) immersion into Dr. Tennant's and his expert speakers’ approach to Voltage Lifestyle healthier habits. —Valued at $450
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant — Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine:  Membership includes ONE IHC downloadable workbook Healing is Voltage Basic Course comprising of Dr. Tennant's and keynote speakers' Voltage Lifestyle principles and practices — Valued at $125
  • AJ Beaber — Ignite the Light:  For women age 18 and over. AJ leads with love and the concepts that: “To be healthy and happy in life, find someone and love them well. For the greatest healing power… is love…”  -Dr. Jerry Tennant.  – Membership includes: ONE half hour private session and access to ONE weekly LIVE "Women of The Light" one hour class— Valued at $250
  • Care for the Caregiver:  My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage E-book:  A 335 page collection of Dr. Tennant's teachings and interviews with colleagues and friends who have benefitted from Healing is Voltage.  The experts interviewed in this book provide basic wellness information through their heart-to-heart interviews.  QR Code links provide hundreds of additional videos and resources.   — Valued at $90

Dr. Jerry Tennant MD is Recognized as a Renaissance Man…

Dr. Jerry Tennant is the medical doctor who identified and introduced us to the value and practical applications of Voltage for vitality enhancement of all aspects of life.

We appreciate him as a dedicated compassionate truth seeker, truth speaker, inventor, healer, scholar, and humanitarian.  These qualities are just a glimpse of the leader who has synergistically brought together other colleagues who embrace his approach to wellness.

Dr. Tennant recognizes and teaches how the body requires voltage for healing. He combines ancient wisdom with scientific technology to empower individuals with options.  He begins with how Voltage is needed for creating healthy new cells to replace diseased and worn-out cells.

He also identified the toxins and barriers that need to be eliminated. He leads the movement to create the “Healing is Voltage” paradigm shift. Truth Seekers from around the world travel to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine and Senergy Medical Group to seek out and benefit from his therapeutic expertise.

Dr. Tennant and Scott Tennant unite us on our journey to finding answers and invite all to Live, Love, Learn, and Leave a Legacy.

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Our Mission is to Reach Millions of Youth Around the World!

Your Legacy is Our Mission.

Together We Can Create Voltage Lifestyles Now and For Future Generations! 

Would you like more details? For additional questions you may directly contact us 

using the form below or call Barbara Evans at 817-939-8188. We are here to serve you!

If you prefer not to join our membership, but would still like to further our cause, that is not a problem!  We appreciate all of our donors! 

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We Are Here For You.

Our Mission is to equip and support the leaders of tomorrow to get well, be well, and thrive.

We believe everybody needs voltage, the knowledge to make informed choices, and the freedom to make healthier decisions.This begins by cultivating mature interdependent relationships to achieve synergistically what we would not be able to fully achieve alone.
Love is the foundation upon which these trusting relationships are built, and therefore love is the legacy we commit to now and pay forward for future generations.

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